Saturday, 30 January 2010

Next event in Montrose

It's time for me to announce the details of the next Brilliant Poetry event in Montrose.

Date – Friday 23rd April 2010
Venue – Links Hotel, Montrose, Angus (Scotland!)
Time – Doors 7.30pm, show at 8pm.
Ticket details at the end of this post.

Our poets will be....this man

Kind of looks into your soul, don't he? Yes, Dundee's Don Paterson is taking a trip up the road to come and read poems and even have a twang on his guitar. His new book 'Rain' is (suitably enough) brilliant and of course all his other ones haven't been that bad either (has he won every prize possible for poetry...or does it just feel that way? I suppose there's the Nobel still to go...). I heard Paterson in Dundee back in February 08 and he is, of course, one of StAnza's headliners this year too. Still, all the real action is up in Montrose you know...

Our second poet is...

Helena Nelson - publisher of HappenStance Press, writer of award-winning poetry (from most serious to most flippant...), woman of note, resident of many reasons to be excited about hearing Nelson at this event. I have met Helena a few times, bugged her about poetry a fair bit, seen her chair debates at StAnza...but never heard her read her own work. Really looking forward to hearing her.

Our musical guest (apart from Paterson) will be...

Andy Shanks – singer, musician, songwriter (songs covered by English folk's wonderful June Tabor, no less), Andy is a local man who doesn't play locally nearly often enough but here's a chance to hear what we're missing. His myspace page is here for anyone who wants a sneaky listen.

Host will be me (Rachel Fox) and there will be books for sale, a raffle (contain yourselves now...) and possibly a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday for both my Mum (86 on that day) and William Shakespeare (considerably older). I hope we get as good a crowd as back in October (and p.s. I am planning another event for National Poetry Day in October again this year...possibly even two events...).

Tickets will be printed in the next couple of weeks and will be available from a couple of outlets in Montrose (details soon). Anyone who cannot get over this way to buy a ticket can email me at to get tickets posted out. Tickets will be £4 in advance and £5 on the door.